Monday, September 23, 2013

School must stop using the cloud service : A school in Sollentuna

School must stop using the cloud service

September 17, 2013

A school in Sollentuna using cloud service, Google Apps for Education must either sign an agreement with Google, which comply with the Personal Data Act, or stop using the cloud service.

Data Inspection Board has reviewed Rudbecksskolan in Sollentuna using cloud service Google Apps for Education in their business. All teachers and students have to open an account with Google to get access to the tools needed for schoolwork.

The Authority notes that the school has not taken a specific so-called personal data assistant contracts with cloud service provider Google. The agreement has no particular instructions and limitations on the cloud service provider to handle the personal data occurs. The agreement also lacks data on safety Google is obliged to take to protect personal data being handled.

Data Inspectorate submits therefore that the school either as soon sign a personal data assistant contracts that meet the rules of the Data Protection Act, or stop using the cloud service.

- In the right school environment where such privacy-sensitive personal data relating to children and young people may be, it is especially important that those responsible really makes sure that personal data are handled in a legal manner, says Ingela Alverfors who led the review.

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