Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pauline Marois will not allow multiculturalism in Quebec... ignorant bitch

This is a copy of an email I sent in late August to the Parti Quebecois explaining how racist I think the party and their leader is if they implement this Provincial government policy. For my international visitors, this is the same party that wants to separate the province of Quebec from the rest of Canada which they have attempted by vote twice before and failed. Personally, I don't think Quebec will ever choose to separate from the rest of Canada however, this particular party has strong racist tendencies toward anyone who is not French-Canadian or anyone who does not know how to speak French-Canadian dialect, in other words, 90% of Canada who speak either English or another language. Of any of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada, Quebec is the least multicultural. In my opinion, the party leader Pauline Marois is an ignorant bitch.

In the first year of her premiership, she went to Scotland on a trade mission. The head of the Scottish Independence Movement wanted to have a meeting with her to discuss the similarities between Quebec wanting independence from Canada and how the experiences of her party might give the Scottish leader more of an insight on how to make his movement more successful. She did not agree to the meeting as she felt that the 2 movements had nothing in common which was very strange because they do. She will usually tell the world that Quebec should be independent from Canada but snubbed the Scottish leader... I don't know, maybe because he didn't speak French?????? That's the Pauling Marois show for you.

Here is the email.


It has been widely reported that the PQ/Quebec government plans to

enact a Charter of Values and a law banning most forms of religious

symbols in public institutions. There is one interesting exception

which is Christian religious symbols. If you truly want public

institutions to be a secular part of society, ALL religious symbols

must be removed. No exceptions. Including the cross which is located

in the Quebec National Assembly. If the exception stays, the

PQ/Quebec government and Premier Marois are technically racist. The

Quebec courts will probably throw the law out and the PQ will be more

of a laughing stock than it already is and your leader will be

perceived as a white bigot which would be too bad. The rest of Canada

will also view this situation as completely moronic. I would remind

you that Quebec is still part of Canada and you are a minority

government. Focus on being a government for the people and drop

identity politics.