Thursday, December 17, 2015

Toronto East Just Got $50 Million Stronger:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 Toronto East Just Got $50 Million Stronger:Future Generations to Benefit from the Largest Donation to a Canadian Community Hospital TORONTO - Toronto East General Hospital and the Toronto East General Hospital Foundation Boards of Directors are thrilled to announce a historic $50 million gift that will transform the delivery of health care for some of the highest needs residents in Toronto. This unprecedented donation – the largest of its kind to a Canadian community hospital- is a gift from Myron and Berna Garron in memory of their son Michael, who was born at the hospital in 1962. Sadly, Michael died at the age of 13 from a rare soft tissue cancer. Thanks to this gift, we will be able to strengthen the exemplary care our staff provides at the bedside. And to recognize the enormity of this donation, we will rename ourselves the Toronto East Health Network and recognize this transformational gift by calling our main site the Michael Garron Hospital. Our new name, the Toronto East Health Network (TEHN), accurately reflects the numerous partnerships and work we already do in and outside our hospital walls. The TEHN will improve the coordination of care for patients in the community through a partnership between the hospital and other local health care providers. This $50 million gift from the Garrons will enable the hospital to: • Purchase state-of-art equipment including a new CT scanner and leading-edge tools that directly supports the work of our health care professionals at the bedside. • Attract top talent with the creation of the first teaching and research Chair positions. • Fund research studies that drive clinical innovation to improve patient care. The Garron Family has a long history of philanthropy in Canada. Over the years they have generously donated many large gifts. They have given to our hospital in the past, including funds to support the purchase of the Da Vinci Surgical System Robot. “Before our son Michael passed away, we made a commitment to him that his memory would never be forgotten. It warms our heart to know that this gift will benefit so many families and children who use this hospital.” - Myron and Berna Garron. “I’m extremely proud and thankful to the Garrons for this transformational gift. This is a defining moment for our hospital and East Toronto. This investment in equipment and talent will allow us to continue delivering outstanding care to our diverse community. ” - Sarah Downey, President & CEO, Toronto East General Hospital. “Philanthropy plays an important role in our health system and today health care in East Toronto got a new name: the Michael Garron Hospital. With this generous support from the Garrons, we are able to fund much needed investments in patient care and innovation. Our hospital will be propelled to the global stage, making it an example of excellence, innovation and inspiration around the world.” - Michael Burns, Chair of the TEGH Foundation Board of Directors. “This is a defining moment in the history of this hospital. This investment enables us to make East Toronto one of the healthiest places to live in Toronto. We’re grateful for the tremendous support from the Garron Family.” - Krystyna Hoeg, Chair of the TEGH Board of Directors. -30- For more information:

Messages of Support “This very generous gift from the Garron family is greatly appreciated in that it will enable new investments in equipment and technologies for our hospital. With the Province poised to fund a major redevelopment of the hospital’s physical space, the gift’s timing will help keep the hospital at the forefront of community healthcare for years to come. I commend the family’s philanthropy and commitment to our community in remembrance of their son, Michael.” Arthur Potts – Member of Provincial Parliament, Beaches-East York “The extraordinary generosity of Berna and Myron will ensure a legacy of excellence for this great hospital for decades to come.” Dr. Rajiv Singal – Urologist & TEGH Foundation Board member “As a community builder and former Minister of Health, I can say that this is a monumental day for the hospital, community and local healthcare system. This gift will keep the community and hospital that we all know and love, healthy and strong into the future.” Frances Lankin - Former Member of Provincial Parliament and former CEO of United Way “This is my hospital. I was born here and my wife and I have received care here. Over the years I've also worked with the hospital staff on a number of projects to help improve the health and wellbeing of our shared community. There is no doubt that this unprecedented gift will have a profound impact on the health of East Toronto for generations to come!” Brian Smith – Former CEO Woodgreen Community Services “This hospital has a great and long history of serving East York families. My wife Pat and our four children were born here. This donation will ensure that our families will receive the best care right here in our community.” Case Ootes - former City Councillor & Deputy Mayor -30